Fine jewelry with striking designs are still hard to find these days. Popular designs like stars, crosses and hearts are easy to find. When found a nice design, the quality is mostly not so well. So when you finally got attached to your ‘treasure’, you can throw it in the bin and have to look for a new one.

Julia Berfelo, founder and designer of JUNE T, wasn’t prepared to wait for a brand which filled her jewelry needs. She grabbed the opportunity to take it into her own hands. After 2,5 months travel in Asia, seeing places, meeting new people and found new thoughts, she came to Bali,  bursting with energy and inspiration. She found a place where they understood her needs and could make her ideas come alive. This resulted into a collection of fine necklaces with eight unique designs. All made of 100% silver or gold plated silver, made on the beautiful island of Bali.

The first collection is based on daily life and things/signs that come with it. A little bit rebellious, but still sophisticated and subtle. Since every woman has her own preference for silver or gold jewelry, all designs come in both colors. Only for the real treasure seekers.

Based in Amsterdam - Made in Bali